Jacqueline TorresJacqueline Torres joined the cast of "F/X: The Series" in the second season as Mira Sanchez, a street-smart detective from Queens determined to do things her own way. Sanchez works hard and will stop at nothing to see that justice is served. When she needs "special" help on a case she calls upon her friend, Rollie Tyler (Cameron Daddo) - that's when things really start to sizzle.

Jacqueline began her acting career at age six, performing for family and friends. After completing school with a Bachelor's degree in Business Communications, She focused on improving her acting skills, studying with instructors such as Maggie Flannigan, Alba Olms, and Nina Shevelyova.

Shortly thereafter, Jacqueline landed her first acting role, appearing on ABC's hit daytime drama, "Loving." This expanded into other appearances on the show as well as roles on "All My Children," "One Life To Live, " and "Another World." In addition, Jacqueline landed several commercial and modeling jobs.

For the past several years, Jacqueline has devoted her attention to the independent film market. She recently appeared in the Scorpio Film Production, "The Offering," as well as the romantic comedy, "Rum and Coke," written and directed by Maria Escobedo. She is also the host of the "Mindjogger" educational video series produced by Horizon Video and Film.

Aside from television and movies, Jacqueline enjoys the theater. She recently performed an extraordinary rendition of the one woman show, "The Blues of Daisy Pena," at Brooklyn College's Gershwin Theatre.

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