This is the main workstation. It is used to create equipment and other things for special effects. One of the primary computer systems is also here.
A semi-circular alcove with a small kitchen area, a television, couch, chair, coffee table, and end table.
Rollie's office is located underneath the cleanroom. It contains shelving units, a file cabinet, a desk with a computer, and two chairs.
A circular, glass-enclosed room used for creating computer hardware and components. Angie's main computer system is located here.
The VR (Virtual Reality) chamber is a yellow dome on a hydraulic platform. Moving images are projected upon the interior walls as the dome is moved in sync with the images.
Rollie's bedroom and bathroom are located in a u-shaped enclosure above the garage. The walls are made of a translucent material. There appears to be a row of clear glass panels across the length of the front wall.
This is a secret passageway in and out of the loft. When a person dials 266 on the phone, a hidden door behind the booth opens, allowing escape. There is also a lever to open the door from the outside.
This large dragon head is mounted on a hydraulic arm. It swings down from the ceiling roaring and blowing smoke. It is often used to distract intruders.
One of Rollie's creations is a small robot named Bluey, also called Blue. Bluey has six legs, a tail, and can bark and whine like a dog (as well as make other animal sounds). He has an artificial intelligence program and visual/audio recognition software that make him seem like a living creature. He also has numerous high-tech capabilities that allow him to perform a variety of functions, including controlling the security system, lights, heating, and more in the loft. Bluey has also been used as a spy, a remote camera unit, a tracking device, and many other things. He can also play a mean game of chess.
The PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) is a versatile palmtop computer with touch screen technology. It can be programmed for many functions. It is often used as a link to the computer systems on the van or the Ambler. With its mini camera, microphone, and speaker, it is also used as a communications devices, a digital camera, and an audio recorder. It has complete telephone capabilities.
The Ambler is a large, portable computer with touch screen technology that is often used when filming on location and on sets. It can be programmed to control equipment and eletronic systems and can also act as a video screen for camera feeds. The Ambler is mounted on a removable, adjustable tripod and stands around 4 1/2 feet tall when fully open. It has a large center screen, two smaller fold-out screens, and a control panel.
The van is a specially modified step van that acts as a mobile command unit and special effects studio. It is used mostly for on location shoots and has also been frequently used to aid the police. It is equipped with computer, video, and audio systems, and a satellite dish. It also contains storage space for props, equipment, tools, and other things that may be needed on jobs.