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FX: The Series is loosely based on the two F/X feature films, which starred Bryan Brown and Brian Dennehy. It is the story of special effects wizard, Rollie Tyler, played by Australian actor Cameron Daddo, and his friend and coworker, Angie Ramirez (Christina Cox). Together, they use their genius in special effects to create movie magic and to help the police solve difficult crimes. During the first season, veteran actor Kevin Dobson played the role of Leo McCarthy, a detective in the NYPD and Rollie's long-time friend. Together, they would use special effects and canny police work to bring down criminals who might otherwise have escaped justice. Other important recurring characters were McCarthy's partner Francis Gatti (Jason Blicker), actress Lucinda Scott (Carrie-Anne Moss) and Captain Marvin VanDuran (Richard Waugh).

At the opening of the second season, Leo was tragically killed in a bomb explosion. The new character of Mira Sanchez (Jacqueline Torres), a detective in the Internal Affairs division of the NYPD, was introduced. Mira transferred out of Internal Affairs, but continued as a detective in the department. In time, she became a friend to Rollie and Angie, who continued to help the police on cases.

After the end of the second season, it was announced that the show would not be renewed. Being a syndicated show, FX was a victim of poor ratings, due mostly to bad and repeatedly changed time slots and television stations that failed to air the show on a regular basis.


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Season One   Season Two
#101 FX: The Illusion   #201 Requiem for a Cop
#102 Zero Hour   #202 Siege
#103 Pay Back   #203 Unfinished Business
#104 The Brotherhood   #204 Shooting Mickey
#105 High Risk   #205 House of Horrors
#106 White Light   #206 High Roller
#107 Dingo   #207 Deep Cover
#108 The Ring   #208 Flashback
#109 French Kiss   #209 Evil Eye
#110 Eye of the Dragon   #210 Ritual
#111 Target   #211 Spanish Harlem
#112 Medea   #212 Stand-Off
#113 Shivaree   #213 Vigilantes
#114 Supernote   #214 Reaper
#115 Gemini   #215 Inferno
#116 Script Doctor   #216 Chiller
#117 Double Image   #217 Thief
#118 Get Fast   #218 Red Storm
#119 Reunion
#120 Quicksilver
#121 Bad Influence