Hope Island Cast of Characters and Series Synopsis
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Daniel Cooper Alex Stone Dylan Stone Callie Pender
Cameron Daddo Suki Kaiser Maximillian Peters Veena Sood
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- --------------------------
Ruby Vasquez Bonita Vasquez Molly Brewster Brian Brewster
Gina Stockdale Beverly Elliott Allison Hossack Duncan Fraser
Nub Flanders Father Mac Boris Obolenski Kevin Mitchum
Haig Sutherland Matthew Walker Brian Jensen David Lewis
  Dr. Lily Watson  
  Lisa Bunting  

Set on an island in Northern Washington, near Seattle, the series tells the story of Hope Island's 2,000 residents as seen through the eyes of the newly arrived minister Daniel Cooper. Newly called to the congregation, Daniel finds the open-hearted but quirky islanders to be a challenge as he works with them to build a church while defining his own values and identity as shepherd of the flock.

Hope Island's large ensemble cast includes Cameron Daddo as the island's new minister, Daniel Cooper. Suki Kaiser portrays local innkeeper Alex Stone, and Max Peters plays her son, Dylan. Brian Brewster (Duncan Fraser) is the town's mayor, who always has some scheme in hand to "improve" Hope Island. His daughter, Molly (Allison Hossack), and her fiance, Kevin Mitchum (David Lewis), who is Hope's only policeman, face both professional and personal challenges as they build their new life together. Callie Pender (Veena Sood) as the owner and sole proprietor of Hope's only newspaper provides commentary and catalyst as she moves through the community observing and reporting on the town's activities. Haig Sutherland portrays Nub Flanders, a seemingly retiring yet endlessly surprising young man who reaches the hearts of all on the island. Russian immigrant Boris Obolenski, a big man with an equally big heart, comes to the island and finds a home there.

Hope Island's stories mirror the issues families face every day--negative influences, elder care, end of life, greed and doing the right thing when it is easier not to. Its depictions of community, loyalty and faith serve as backdrops as characters discover their own shortcomings, strengths and beliefs.

Hope Island was based on the long-running international hit "Ballykissangel".

For more information on Hope Island, please go to my Hope Island site at www.mthayer.com/hopeisland. There, you will find photographs of many of the buildings mentioned in this story, which were taken at a fan gathering in 2001.