Hope Island Cast of Characters and Series Synopsis
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Daniel Cooper Alex Stone Dylan Stone Callie Pender
Cameron Daddo Suki Kaiser Maximillian Peters Veena Sood
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- --------------------------
Ruby Vasquez Bonita Vasquez Molly Brewster Brian Brewster
Gina Stockdale Beverly Elliott Allison Hossack Duncan Fraser
Nub Flanders Father Mac Boris Obolenski Kevin Mitchum
Haig Sutherland Matthew Walker Brian Jensen David Lewis
  Dr. Lily Watson  
  Lisa Bunting  

Set on an island in Northern Washington, near Seattle, the series tells the story of Hope Island's 2,000 residents as seen through the eyes of the newly arrived minister Daniel Cooper (who, in this story, is really Rollie Tyler). Newly called to the congregation, Daniel finds the open hearted but quirky Islanders to be a challenge as he works with them to build a church while defining his own values and identity as shepherd of the flock.

Hope Island's large ensemble cast includes Cameron Daddo as the island's new minister, Daniel Cooper. Suki Kaiser portrays local innkeeper Alex Stone, and Max Peters plays her son, Dylan. Brian Brewster (Duncan Fraser) is the town's mayor, who always has some scheme in hand to "improve" Hope Island. His daughter, Molly (Allison Hossack), and her fiance, Kevin Mitchum (David Lewis), who is Hope's only policeman, face both professional and personal challenges as they build their new life together. Callie Pender (Veena Sood) as the owner and sole proprietor of Hope's only newspaper provides commentary and catalyst as she moves through the community observing and reporting on the town's activities. Haig Sutherland portrays Nub Flanders, a seemingly retiring yet endlessly surprising young man who reaches the hearts of all on the Island. Russian immigrant Boris Obolenski, a big man with an equally big heart, comes to the island and finds a home there.

Hope Island's stories mirror the issues families face every day--negative influences, elder care, end of life, greed and doing the right thing when it is easier not to. Its depictions of community, loyalty and faith serve as backdrops as characters discover their own shortcomings, strengths and beliefs.

Hope Island was based on the long-running international hit "Ballykissangel".

The following are brief synopses of the episodes that aired up to the time that Where There is Hope takes place. The episodes are listed in the order they were shown rather than the order in which they were filmed.

Look One Way and Row Another
Daniel Cooper arrives to establish his ministry at the abandoned Hope Community Church, but discovers that all is not as he had been led to believe. The first thing he discovers is that the Protestant church is nearly falling apart, having been abandoned many years ago. Brian Brewster pulled every string he could to get a minister to Hope, hoping to partner with him to give validity to his new "footsteps" scheme and help him sell real estate. Daniel meets Alex Stone, owner of the tavern, inn and restaurant, the Widow's Walk, and a single parent to her son, Dylan. It quickly becomes apparent that Alex has an major issue with religion, and sparks fly between her and Daniel. Officer Kevin Mitchum learns that his visiting father, Jake, is suffering from the initial stages of Alzheimer's, and must learn to see his heroic "old man" in a new light. Dylan finds a kindred spirit in Daniel after the minister gets him out of a truancy ticket then asks the boy to be his acolyte. The two begin to bond, which frustrates Alex, who has been having difficulty communicating with Dylan because of his bitterness over his father's absence in his life. Having discovered that the petition for a minister was phony and feeling that he is unwanted on the island, Daniel decides to leave, but events transpire that show him that he is needed on the island. He and Alex take their first step toward friendship.

Each Tub Must Stand On Its Own Bottom
Melissa O'Toole and her husband, Mark, are having marital problems. Daniel attempts to counsel them, but it's a rocky road. A baby is mysteriously left on Daniel's doorstep, and the whole village takes part in raising the child, whom they call Moses. Daniel starts a church choir, which includes a tone-deaf Brian. The rest of the choir members wish that Brian would drop out to avoid humiliation, but Daniel refuses to tell Brian that he's not wanted, feeling that everyone should be given a chance. Father Mac is eager to have his stunning choir compete with Daniel's at an upcoming Hope Community "Family Night" service. Through Moses, Kevin conquers his fear of being a father. Mark and Melissa are reconciled, and in a surprise denouement, Melissa steps forward at the Family Night service to claim Moses as her own.

It Takes A Voyage To Learn
Brian hosts the James J. Braddock Memorial tour for retired boxers, which threatens to go awry when Ruby and Bonita fail to order cigars. Daniel visits the dying Judge Bradley, who resists Daniel's efforts to counsel him. It eventually comes out that five years ago, Judge Bradley gave his terminally ill wife a fatal dose of morphine. Daniel struggles to come to terms with this revelation. Alex gives Daniel "boating lessons" and Daniel eventually overcomes his seasickness. Molly reveals the reason why Ruby and Bonita Vasquez never speak to each other comes. It was over a man named Calvin Douglas, who wooed both woman when he came to the island 17 years ago. Daniel gets the two women speaking again, which wreaks havoc on the whole village. Eventually, Alex and Molly remedy the situation by bringing Calvin back to Hope so that Ruby and Bonita will fight all over again. The plan works and things are restored to normal. Before he passes on, Judge Bradley bonds with Daniel. The Judge leaves his prized boat to the minister.

Dear, Dear Bread and Beer, If I Were Rich I Would Not Be Here
Brian and Nub are hard at work on Brewsterwood. They unearth an ancient journal and treasure map. The journal contains an unflattering history of Brian's progenitors, but the map suggests there's buried treasure on Hope Island! Dylan seeks Daniel's advice about the opposite sex. Callie, whose hands were burned in an accident, asks Daniel's help at conducting an email romance with a suitor named "Romeo" since she is unable to type. Daniel, a poetry aficionado, takes thing a little too far, and, soon, Callie's unknown suitor is coming to meet her, much to her alarm. The whole town embarks on a frenzied mission to find the buried treasure. Brian tries to ensure that he takes home a large share no matter who finds it, but to no avail--it's every person for him (or her) self. Alex helps Callie get ready to meet her mystery Romeo. Daniel finds the treasure and makes everyone promise to share equally. They do, but the treasure turns out to be worthless. Callie is stood up by her email suitor, but comes to the conclusion that she has to speak to him in her own true voice, to be true to who she is. In Romeo's return email, he admits that he, too, is not ready to meet Callie in person and assures her that he does not care that she doesn't look like what she had said she did.

The Whole Kettle Of Fish
Brian has embarked on two interrelated schemes: Brewser Shores Resort and a mayoral candidacy. When Alex finds out about the resort that Brian is planning on getting built on the island, she decides to run against him, figuring that, if she becomes mayor instead of Brian, the resort plans will fall through. Russian immigrant, Boris Obolenski, comes to the island, planning to meet his fiancee for the first time. He is a "mail-order husband". Caught up in her campaign, Alex leaves the Widow's Walk to be run solely by Molly, who is soon run ragged trying to be cook, maid and waitress all at the same time. Boris eventually rescues Molly by taking over the cooking duties, but the damage to Alex and Molly's friendship has already been done. Molly ends up quitting. Having no other choice, Alex leaves everything in Boris' hands, with almost disastrous results. It is Molly's turn to come to the rescue, and she and Alex are reconciled. While all this has been going on, a brokenhearted Boris has learned that his fiancee has dumped him and married the mailman. In a public mayoral debate, Alex reveals to the rest of islanders the truth about Brian's resort plans, explaining how it will destroy the way of life on the island. Not only does this pretty much guarantee that she will win the race but it also results in the man who was going to finance the resort leaving. Deciding that she does not want to be mayor, Alex makes an agreement with Brian and withdraws from the race. Boris chooses to remain on Hope Island and becomes the Widow's Walk full-time cook.

In A Bit of A Tight
Daniel is recruited as the 7th Annual Hope Play's director, with Nub Flanders (Haig Sutherland) as his assistant. Kevin is cast as the center of a love triangle with Alex and Delores MacMaster starring as his love interests. This makes Molly jealous, eventually resulting in Daniel taking over the part of the leading man after Kevin pretends to hurt his ankle. Daniel's wife Stella makes a surprise appearance and tells him that she wants to give their marriage a chance. We find out the story behind Daniel's marriage and the tragedy that led to it. Callie Pender, Hope Island's only reporter, has also learned the story about Daniel and Stella and plans to print an exposé in her newspaper, "The Lookout". Daniel pleads with her not to print the story, telling her that it will hurt his father and any chance he might have of reconciling with his father. After doing a lot of soul searching, Callie chooses her friendship with Daniel over her big story. Daniel learns that Stella has actually come to Hope to obtain photos of him to sell to the tabloids. In the end, however, Stella leaves without the photos, taking the divorce papers with her.

You Can't Look At The Sea Without Wishing For Wings
Daniel reaches out to a reclusive poet who has withdrawn from society. A psychiatrist has come to the island to reevaluate her career, fearing she has permanently lost her ability to help others. Brian tries to convince the psychiatrist to help Nub, who thinks he's seen a mermaid.

From Stem To Stern
After a three-year courtship, Kevin is ready to take the plunge and propose to Molly, but fate seems to be working against him as he hilariously blunders one proposal after another. Nub goes to extreme lengths to get a chance to drive Brian's vintage El Dorado, but will he pay for it with his life? After he become seriously ill, the community rallies in support.

Sailing Under False Colors
A romantic comedy of errors, this episode finds Alex and Daniel paired with ill-suited dates. While Alex goes out on a date with Harry, the fisherman, Daniel is pursued by Delores MacMaster, who has been encouraged to go after him by a group of women who call themselves the Angle Dogs, a society that has been playing matchmakers for many decades. Meanwhile, Kevin moonlights at a series of ill-suited jobs in order to earn money to buy the wedding ring he thinks Molly deserves. Brian and Nub take it upon themselves to "coach" Kevin on his sales techniques--with hilariously disastrous results.

Ships That Pass In The Night
Daniel gets in over his head when he agrees to counsel a local man, Ray, who has a drinking problem. Bonita reveals a painful secret in order to help Daniel and Ray: she is a recovering alcoholic. Boris teaches a Swing dance class--matching unlikely partners with unexpected results. In turns out that the reason Ray drinks is that his son drowned in the family pool, and Ray blames himself for the tragedy, one that cost him his marriage. Ultimately, Ray takes the first step toward conquering his alcoholism.

Red Sky at Morning, Sailor Take Warning
This episode finds Daniel in a difficult position when he discovers that Jo, a beloved member of the community, is actually a fugitive on the run. Kevin also discovers her secret and has no choice but to arrest her. When Daniel goes out on a limb for the woman and convinces the islanders to post her bail, he ends up in a bad position when she disappears. Father Mac gets his own feathers ruffled when he agrees to care for a parishioner's talking parrot. When the parrot vanishes, the priest buys another one to replace it. However, that plan hits a snag when the new parrot's rather raunchy language is revealed. Fortunately, the parishioner's parrot returns, as does JO, who has realized that it is time for her to face up to the mistake she made.

Batten Down The Hatches
The men of Hope Island are auctioned off at a charity fund-raiser. Alex gets more than she bargained for when Father Mac is auctioned off to her help clean out her attic. In the process of cleaning out the attic, a painting and some old photos bring back painful memories for Alex of when her father abandoned his family. Bonita and Ruby purchase Reverend Cooper, and put him in charge of the General Store while they go off for a day on the mainland. They return to find that a cherished memento of Ruby's is missing. Kevin launches an investigation where no one is above suspicion. Daniel gets in over his head when he tries to help out Kenny, a mentally challenged man. Everything turns out well in the end when it's discovered that the memento had not been stolen, but had actually fallen into a box, and Daniel gets Kenny a job as Hope Island's official gardener. With the help of Father Mac, Alex comes to terms with her father's actions.

For more information on Hope Island, please go to my Hope Island site at www.mthayer.com/hopeisland. There, you will find photographs of many of the buildings mentioned in this story, which were taken at a fan gathering in 2001.