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FX Character Info and Synopsis of Events in the Series

Rollie Tyler was born in Australia and lived there throughout most of his childhood. Though we don't know a lot about his childhood, the impression was given that Rollie's father, Dingo, was not around much and that Rollie was very close to his mother. Dingo Tyler is a rogue and a con man. He gambles on horse races, travels from town to town to the flea markets and the like looking for junk that he can sell at a profit somewhere else, and gets involved in other wheeling and dealing, conning, and scamming, some of which is a bit on the illegal side.

Rollie spent a good part of his early childhood with the Australian Aborigines. An Aborigine named Mangela became a kind of spiritual father to him. The details are sketchy, but Rollie was apparently taught some of the customs, practices, and religious beliefs of the Aborigines, becoming like one of "the People".

When he was still young, Rollie's mother died under tragic circumstances, her body lying out in the Australian outback for three days before it was found. Some time later, a half-Aborigine boy named Luther Cale lured Rollie up onto a mountain and pushed him off. It was three days before Rollie, whose leg was broken in the fall, was found. Sometime after that, Dingo brought Rollie to the U.S. Rollie was around fifteen or sixteen by that time. He and his father hit "the circuit", the flea markets, barnyard sales, etc. Rollie apparently also got involved in some of Dingo's other activities as well. Dingo now rarely comes to visit Rollie and is in trouble most of the times that he does.

Though we do not know how, Rollie became a stuntman, apparently at a fairly young age, working on movies for the studios in New York City. When he was around nineteen or twenty years old, he was hired by Manny Ramirez, a well-known independent special effects artist in New York, and became his apprentice. Manny had an eleven-year-old daughter named Angela. In the years that followed, Angie virtually grew up with Rollie. What their relationship was like during that time is unknown.

Manny and Angie were originally from Cuba. When Angie was apparently quite young, a situation involving her mother arose. There was a general in the Cuban army who lusted after her. For reasons that were not explained, Manny got into a position where he had to get out of Cuba. But getting out of Cuba is usually not an easy thing to do. The general made a proposition. He would help Manny and Angie get out if Angie's mother would stay behind with him. Angie's mother chose to stay behind in order to save her family. Her ultimate fate is unknown.

When Angie was around eighteen, her father was killed in an explosion when something went wrong during the filming of a movie. Afterwards, Rollie took over the special effects company, and Angie went to college at NYU. After college, she went to work for Rollie, her knowledge and skill with computers and computer graphics proving to be invaluable.

One of Rollie's creations is a small robot named Bluey (Blue). Bluey has six legs, a tail, and can bark and whine like a dog (as well as make other animal sounds). He has an artificial intelligence program that makes him seem like a living creature. He also has numerous high-tech capabilities that allow him to perform a variety of functions, including controlling the security system, lights, heating, and more in Rollie's home/workshop, which is an old, converted brewery that Rollie calls the loft. Bluey has also been used as a spy, a remote camera unit, a tracking device, and many other things. He plays chess too--and hates to lose.

In the pilot episode, Rollie met an actress named Lucinda Scott (Carrie-Anne Moss), who became a regular in the series during the first season and a close friend of both Rollie and Angie.

During the series, Rollie and Angie's relationship was that of close friends and co-workers. Though there were moments when you clearly saw jealousy when one or the other would get involved with someone of the opposite sex, they never entered into a romantic relationship.

Years ago, Rollie met a cop named Leo McCarthy (Kevin Dobson), and they became close friends. Rollie ended up getting involved in cases with Leo and other members of law enforcement, solving crimes and catching criminals by using his considerable talents in special effects, electronics, robotics, mechanics, and makeup. Angie was almost always right there with him, using her computer skills to help catch the bad guys, even though she hated the idea that Rollie got involved with the police, always fearing that he'd get seriously hurt or killed.

Enter Victor Loubar, an arms dealer and assassin. Loubar is a master of disguise, using high-tech equipment to change his appearance to almost anyone's. As part of his plan to steal a top secret weapon called a smart grenade, he disguised himself as Rollie, which put Rollie's life in danger and cast suspicion on him as being involved in illegal activities. Once the truth was discovered, Rollie stopped Loubar and foiled his plans with the help of an FBI agent named Elena Serrano. In the process Loubar was shot and fell off a bridge into a river. He was presumed dead.

At the beginning of the second season, Leo McCarthy was killed in a bomb blast. Leo's partner, Francis Gatti, was seriously injured in the explosion, but recovered. The new character of Detective Palmira (Mira) Sanchez was added to the series. She was partnered with Frank, and a friendship between her and Rollie and Angie was formed.

A few months later, while in London, Rollie was asked by Elena Serrano to help with a situation involving an undercover federal agent who had managed to retrieve a deadly bio weapon from the people who had it. Unknown to Rollie and Elena, however, was the fact that Victor Loubar, who was very much alive, had killed the agent and assumed his identity. Using their talents, Rollie and Angie helped the feds get the man they thought was the agent out of the country and to New York, still unaware that he was really Loubar. Loubar later killed the agents with him and escaped with the bio weapon. Rollie and Angie then helped Elena and fellow FBI agent Marty Pruitt stop Loubar from selling the bio weapon to a white South African man named Willem Brink, who intended to use it to wipe out the black population where he lived. Unfortunately, Loubar escaped again.

Months later, Loubar returned for revenge on Rollie. He kidnapped Rollie and kept him drugged in a warehouse in New York's Chinatown. For three days, he then posed as Rollie, setting him up to take the fall for the assassination of a Chinese trade minister. On the night of the third day, after a wrap party for the movie that Rollie and Angie had been working on, Loubar, still disguised as Rollie, seduced Angie and slept with her. The following morning, he revealed his true identity to Angie, who then realized that she had been raped. Loubar went back to the warehouse and released Rollie, then continued his plan to frame Rollie for the upcoming assassination and two other murders.

Rollie, Mira, and Angie managed to stop the assassination of the trade minister and prove Rollie's innocence of any crime. In the process, Rollie found out what Loubar had done to Angie and how, which, needless to say, shocked him greatly. In the finale, Rollie chased Loubar into Central Park, where they fought, Loubar still disguised as Rollie. Not knowing which was which, Angie ended up shooting Rollie in the arm with Loubar's gun. Rollie then proved to her that he was the real Rollie. Before he could be stopped, Loubar dove under the water of the lake in Central Park. Angie shot into the water repeatedly, emptying the clip of the gun, but whether or not she hit Loubar was unknown.

Later, at the ambulance, after Rollie's arm had been treated, he tried to talk to Angie, but she interrupted him and said, "Nothing has changed. Nothing." She kissed him on the corner of his mouth, then added, "As far as I'm concerned." Then she walked away. Mira came up to Rollie and told him that there was no sign of Loubar and that they were going to drag the lake to see if they could find his body. Rollie, looking in the direction Angie had gone in, said, "She's sure not Manny's little girl anymore." "No, she's not," Mira replied, then, "What now?" She then walked away. Rollie, looking sad and lost, murmured, "Yeah, what now?"

And that's it. That is how the series ended. The fans never learned if Loubar was dead or alive or what happened between Rollie and Angie after that.

Where There is Hope begins one year and eight months after the events of the series finale.